Peter Shaw, Ph.D
Principle Investigator
Associate Professor
Department of Opthamology

Hobbies: Hiking, Fishing, Cycling

Adam May, B.Sc.

Lab Manager

Hobbies: Country Music, Traveling, Eating


Brian Dinh

Research Assistant

Hobbies: Hiking, Board Games, DnD


Former Members

  • Rachael Ehlein, Lab Assistant (2020)
  • Sophia (Fei) Su, Lab Manager; Current Position: Lab Tech in the Yeang Lab! (2020)
  • Victor Lin, Lab Manager; Current Position: MD Program at Chang Gung University! (2019)
  • Briana Che, Lab Assistant; Current Position: R&D Technician at ASP! (2019)
  • Theodore Chin, Lab Assistant; (2017)
  • Travis Stiles, Post-doctoral Scholar; (2016)
  • Christopher Douglas, Lab Assistant; (2016)
  • Daisy Ho, Lab Assistant; (2015)
  • Alan Sang, Lab Assistant; (2015)